Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Monkey Song (Endah N Rhesa Cover)

Using Telecaster on Yamaha AG06 Mixer. I use Guitar channel with default effect on and the Amp Sim off. Recorded using iPhone 5 (using mixer USB out). http://www.nugroho.life The Lyrics Monkey Song (Endah N Rhesa) There’s a monkey who lives somewhere far away, far away from here Maybe we can call the place the Eden of the East The Monkey climbs a tree and sees a rainbow in the sky And sees the jungle from the top of that Dreaming Tree He is looking for a banana tree, it’s so hard to find He will never stop until the night has come Swinging from the vines Swing and sway, seize the day You will find the way Swing and sway, everyday?Lighten up your day Finally he found the banana tree… Yes, he is so happy But there’s only one that’s ripe, he can’t wait to eat it The monkey climbs the tree and grabs the banana with his hand But when he wants to eat, he sees little monkey on the ground Little monkey can’t jump, he just stares at him And cries, he is starving The monkey thinks so hard and doesn’t bear to ignore him And then he gives the banana to the little monkey Oh he is so insane.. What a life… is to care and share

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